South Los Angeles, CA
820 W Colden Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90044

Project Summary

The Colden Avenue apartment complex is a $1.2 million modular shipping container building with a long-term commitment to lease to the chronically homeless. The facility houses 32 individuals in eight four-bedroom apartments, with one additional apartment for the building manager. The complex was funded by FlyAwayHomes, a for-profit company that is run as a social benefit organization and holds a mission to house people in a faster and more cost-efficient way than the prevailing nonprofit model.

Designed in partnership with VTBS

Project Features

  • Colden Avenue's apartments are all constructed out of recycled shipping containers and function as permanent supportive housing for local homeless individuals.
  • The containers used for the Colden Avenue apartments are 106 times stronger than required by California building codes and are weather-resistant for 100 years.
  • This project was completed with financing from social impact equity investors.