McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
Malibu, CA

Project Summary

Malibu High School added a new $2.2 million modular building to its long-standing facility in 2018. The two-story modular school building consists of 12 individual classrooms and was designed to suit 21st-century learning, improve the flow of access, and campus space.

Designed in partnership with HMC

Project Features

  • The building addition to the school experienced speedier permitting by the local county board and assembling than a traditionally constructed building, ultimately meeting tight deadlines.
  • The modular building was designed to achieve an improved flow of access to the school, decrease in footprint and to create additional quad space.
  • The building is a completely modular structure and constructed from repurposed shipping containers with an elevator occupying a traditional construction in the front of the building. The exterior lighting is designed to complement Malibu's dark sky goals by using low lighting temperature LED fixtures that are motion-sensor equiped to dim when there is no activity.