Quality buildings with shortest time to occupancy

CRATE’s cutting-edge fabrication process is streamlined for speed, accuracy and efficiency.


Assemble a multifamily building in days

Impacting the housing crisis in California with rapidly deployable multifamily buildings

CRATE’s experience and expertise lies in multi-story, multifamily buildings. Let us join your design team and help to create the modular solution for your next development.

  • Incredible thermal envelope that complies with California’s energy code and provides excellent sound attenuation.
  • Ability to provide integral cantilevered walkways with modules

Pre-Approved Multifamily Residential Buildings

  • 6,168 SF 3-story building: 15 units, mix of types
  • 6,720 SF 4-story building: 20 studio units + laundry room
  • 6,720 SF 3-story building: 21 studio units
  • 13,440 SF Two 4-story buildings: 40 units + laundry rooms
  • 30,880 SF 5-story building: 75 units with community rooms, mix of ones and studios

Additional modular construction products

CRATE’s off-the-shelf product offerings include commercial and housing solutions that are designed with attention to California building requirements for quick approvals.


  • Hospitality
  • Concession Stands
  • Retail Shops

Homelessness Support

  • 15,360 SF Navigation Center: 150 bed capacity
  • 21,120 SF Interim Housing: 132 sleeping pods


  • Elementary School Classrooms
  • Middle School Classrooms
  • Charter School Classrooms
  • Modular Offices & Restrooms