6100 Main

Project Summary

6100 Main is a project with SOLA Impact, a family of social impact real estate funds with a double bottom line strategy focused on preserving, refreshing, and creating high-quality affordable housing in low-income communities. 6100 Main is a modular apartment building consisting of 84 one-bedroom units with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom within a 400 SF module. Each unit includes one bedroom window and one living room window, allowing ample light and air into the interiors.  A series of five-foot wide light wells accords a uniform rhythm to the building façade as the light slot created by the living room window is mirrored with the adjacent unit and stacked.  A significant design innovation is the use of light-gauge steel framing for modular construction, which offers greater longevity and ease of installation relative to typical wood-frame modules.   

Project Details

Project Type
Market Rate, Affordable Housing
Los Angeles, CA

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